Maximising the wisdom of others – how not to feed fish.

A few years ago my housemate’s friend passed on a great saying: ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. I found it was something written by Neale Donald Walsch who has a stack of fabulous quotes that I found on the Good Reads site.

Being an adventurous type, I loved it and adopted the phrase into my life as one of my mantra’s so it should come as no surprise that when I embarked on an adventure/race through parts of Asia a couple of weeks later, that this became something I said/squealed/yelled several times. One memorable moment was having my feet fed on by loads of fish.

Would you put your feet in a tank with relatives of the pirahna fish?

Would you put your feet in a tank with relatives of the piranha fish?

I find it difficult to touch my own toes never mind anyone or thing touching them, so you can imagine how much I didn’t want them touched by fish! Still, I reminded myself of my newest mantra and stuck my feet in the water.

Albert Einstein has been quoted on Good Reads as saying “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them” can you imagine how mind blowing it would’ve been for the first people to realize the world was round? And then when they proved it, how it then blew the mind of so many others? Our limits can be many and varied – physical, emotional, financial, time constraints – some we can change, some we can influence, some we can ask for help and sadly some that just can’t be overcome…at least not at first! So I stuck my feet in and let the fish feed….

I might be smiling but I was faking it to make it through!

I might be smiling but I was faking it to make it through!

Ruth Field (here is her twitter) in her book ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ talks about finding your inner bitch – that gritty voice inside you that kicks your butt into action (Ruth also has the Grit Doctor Blog  for you to interact with her). I’m enjoying utilising that voice (not that I’m not actually hearing voices per say and yes I may be talking to myself a little but who doesn’t!) to get off my butt & doing things like trying to find a lost library book…

So what do I do when I find these little gems of wisdom? I have a little book I write them in so I can save them for later – once I’ve written it, it’s much easier to remember! Once I have a goal in mind, I maximise other people’s wisdom by combining my inner bitch with their inspirational quotes when I hit a stumbling block to find a way to achieve a modified but realistic goal – I.e. Using another one of Neale‘s quotes “Coach are you offering the world your best?” – the quote being ‘If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best.’ (also found on the Good Read site)

Try it out…go looking for some quotes. Searching for them online can be overwhelming, so try the lifestyle sections in the newspapers (news sections can be depressing). Glossy mags often have inspirational stories where they give you quotes in highlighted boxes – I read an article on Somaly Mam from a 2007 issue of Australian Women’s Weekly that was followed up recently in Madison Magazine (article is here). Somaly says at the end of the 2007 article (from memory, the magazine was in the hospital waiting room last week) that sometimes she just wants to give up, which I can identify with at times, but she has to keep going for all of the people caught in her old world – it struck a chord with me because as a cancer survivor, I keep going with my fundraising for Cure Cancer Australia so that when people find themselves being told they have cancer, that they can also hear the words “but there is a cure”. Ironically as I was writing this post last week, I was being told they had found a mass in my abdomen. Thanks to all the inspiration I had from reading articles like that of Somaly’s I was able to then hope that having it removed would be the cure to my migraines and would help get my weight below 70kg. Thankfully, there was no mass there and I can keep losing weight through running – something that so many people just can’t do for so many reasons. I don’t have a copy yet of Somaly’s book “The Road of Lost Innocence” but it is on my list of Must Reads.

On Facebook, I like Female Health Motivation – one from the other day was ‘When you feel like quitting, remember why you started’. Liking that page has given me regular random quotes that often make it into my little book.

One thought on “Maximising the wisdom of others – how not to feed fish.

  1. My quote for today is “”practice what you suck at””. Not sure where I read it, but it has stayed with me.

    And that second photo is one of my favs!

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