Beep beep boop – rebooting this thing

Beep beep boop….that’s the little text symbol that comes up when WordPress is loading a new page for you to write. In my head I hear a little robot like Dexter from Perfect Match muddling away and helping me look kinda professional. In real life though, we don’t always have a Dexter to help us perform well and when it comes to sport, what we think and feel can be the difference between success and not reaching our goals (which is not failure….just means we are not there yet).

The master of dating, Dexter from Perfect Match – a dating game show from the 80’s.

I returned to coaching earlier this year thanks to CanToo who expanded their program to my city. I loved every minute of the first program I coached along with a fantastic friend who coached another CanToo program here at the same time. During this time, a triathlon coach who I look up to reached out and asked if I was interested in returning to coach triathlon. I was honest and said that this year my studies were my priority but that I was so keen you could call me mustard! The whole reason I went back to uni was to become a better coach. Part of that came with having spent time with the NSW junior development squad and realising that despite knowing a lot about programming/periodisation, technique for running and swimming, the basic tactics for riding and racing, I didn’t know much more. If I wanted to become a quality coach and work in the industry I needed more than passion and ongoing reading skills…..I needed rounded knowledge of sports science and a qualification or ten.

The first ever Can Too Canberra Pods training at the AIS for their 10km and 21km events.

The first ever Can Too Canberra Pods training at the AIS for their 10km and 21km events.

So here I am, closing in quickly on my graduation, already landed a coaching gig with one of the top squads in the ACT and excited that I can start putting my studies back into action with REAL people. Most of the students doing sports studies at my uni are hopeful that they can graduate and find work in the sporting industry – to be honest, so do I. Although I have this job, at this point it isn’t sustainable for me to live on and so once I finish this semester I need to return to my full-time job and juggle coaching around it again. For the meantime though, I get to work with athletes of varying skill level who genuinely want to train.

There are loads of people out there that turn up infrequently to train or do an exercise class and hope that a magic wand will pass over them and their life will change – I know, I am one of them even though I know that wand doesn’t exist! The people who turn up to training at Performance Triathlon Coaching sessions though have figured out they need to work to get better and so they are genuinely grateful for the time and effort we put in as coaches. To be honest, I am finding that a little confronting/uneasy and sometimes my enthusiasm at the acknowledgement launches me into an endless dribble of how awesome it is to be making a difference that the poor athlete usually ends up saying they have to get somewhere else….they still come back though!

So, over the last few months I have been asked a range of things from technique/skills to strategies for cooling and how to get over races nerves. Each session I try to impart something additional to the actual physical training to at least one person (really I try and work the minds of as many as possible) that is either a new way of thinking to them or reinforcement of something they may know but haven’t as yet realised. I love doing it and so I decided I need to start recording these things so that they are resources for me to point people towards but also to reinforce my thinking in my mind.

My plan is to cover anything that is either “stuff” I know and am asked about, but also new things I have come across (new to me that is!) and to keep each post under 1000 words…well, I will try!. I am loving all that I have been learning at uni, so strap yourselves in again as we reboot this blog – who knows, I might even finish my previous stories!

I am lucky to be learning from some amazing people from UCNISS.

I am lucky to be learning from some amazing people from the UCNISS.