Missed me?

So it’s only been what….nearly 5 years since I maintained this blog but I kept my payments up with good intention and I have done vast and varied study and writing and creating to expand my horizons and now I am ready to breathe again and start sharing.

Things will take a little change – previously I wrote because it was part of a subject assessment for my degree. Now I will be writing and sharing basically anything that springs to mind. Like everyone I have blah days but don’t stress. I will aim to have regular posts and have a few things in draft so if I fall over with a migraine, I can tick a box and still give you my take on the world from my musings.

My world just now consists of figuring out where I am heading, still coaching although mostly just running, teaching yoga, snuggling with Webber so he knows he is well loved and is happy. I have just returned from another Bali getaway and it gave me the space I needed to breathe and take stock. I have things I want to change, things I want to improve and still a whole lot of decluttering of possessions to do (although I have way less junk than this time last year.

Today I want to post some stuff for my runners as I take them on a technique journey over the short summer 4 week term but even if you aren’t a runner I think it is still interesting to get a little bit of insight into something new so strap in again and I hope you enjoy the ride.


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